David Thomas

About Dave…

The Quarterback, the General, even the self-confessed ‘Captain Hard-A^#e’, Dave goes by many monikers dependent on the role he is being asked to fulfil!

Starting his professional career as a travel consultant with a sports tour/package company in Melbourne, Dave spent half a decade honing his sales skills and learning the art of ‘asking for the business’, before displaying a natural ability to process logic in business systems implementation and management, taking him in a new direction and setting the tone for the rest of his career to date.

Where others shake their heads in frustration (or simply walk away through lack of interest) when discussing business systems such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Marketing Automation, Communications Apps, Intranets and more, Dave comes to life and immediately stares into space dreaming about how this can talk to that, how using this technology can provide a seamless transition from this technology, how the customer experience can be automated yet personal… Whilst he can be accused, at times, of skipping a few more steps forward than what is required at that exact moment, the ideas always come from a good place 🙂

As Dave delved more into better business practices through systems implementation, overarching strategy started to creep it’s way into his daily responsibilities… culminating in a request to consult to a client in the position of CEO.

Using this experience to his advantage, Dave furthered his own business education greatly and today provides assistance, mentoring and strategic coaching to many businesses in Australia whom require his expertise.