Proshenjit Saha


Working away in the darkness of his ‘Google Lab’, Proshenjit – or ‘Kazi’ to the team – is Hour25’s expert in paid digital marketing initiatives.

Whilst starting a paid search campaign in Google AdWords or Bing Ads is easy to do (all you really need is an email and a credit card), optimising for maximum ROI on a paid search campaign just isn’t that easy. This is where Kazi – our Mad Scientist – comes in…

As a professional paid search manager, Kazi takes all the data, summarises it coherently and then tells an ‘easy to follow story’ relating your ad spend to return on investment.

While search campaigns across industries may look the same, the analytics have shown that even campaigns within the same industry will differ.

A good campaign manager, like Kazi, will build and measure each product line as unique, with individualised metrics.